What to choose: chic dining table vs farmhouse dining table

What to choose: chic dining table vs farmhouse dining table

Posted by Pawel sales@rusticland.co.uk

Chic Style Dining Tables (often referred to as Shabby Chic) 

Chic or shabby chic dining tables are all about creating an elegant and soft aesthetic that appears effortlessly beautiful. They often feature distressed wood finishes or are painted and then distressed to create a vintage or antique look. Pastel colors and white or ivory are common, which contributes to a light and airy feel. Shabby chic tables might also incorporate delicate details like carved legs or ornate inlays, blending the rustic with the refined.

Farmhouse Style Dining Tables 

Farmhouse tables are designed to be functional and welcoming, often serving as the centerpiece for family gatherings. They are typically made from wood and are robust and substantial in design. Farmhouse tables may have a more polished finish than rustic ones, but still maintain some natural elements. The style often includes turned legs or trestle bases, and the tables tend to be long to accommodate large groups. The overall impression is one of comfort and hospitality, with a nod to rustic charm.


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