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Guidelines for Reclaimed Industrial Wood Furniture

Posted by Pawel Kubica

The demand of reclaimed wood furniture has considerably escalated over the years. A majority of the homeowners have started demanding for distinctive and premium quality furniture pieces for their house, and they consider electing reclaimed wood furniture over the regular wood furniture.

There are several advantageous benefits to investing in reclaimed rustic dining table, as it is considered as a vital for adding a touch of timelessness and sophistication to your house. It also makes a sustainable investment for someone, who wants to maximize on their house décor and lifestyle without compromising their ecological environment.

When it comes to purchasing new furniture for your house—you should never rush into the buying process. However, you should take time to reconsider your options before putting your money down.

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What we call Reclaimed Wood Furniture?

But, what is reclaimed wood furniture? Reclaimed wooden furniture is manufactured using secondhand or used timber wood, and it is considered as an excellent initiative to secure the ecological environment. A manufacturer tends to use old floorboards, old beams or joists for manufacturing reclaimed wood, and it is further composed into new furniture pieces.

Salient Characteristics of Reclaimed Wood

Furniture manufacturers are more likely to use a specific type of wood for the production of furniture. However, they often tend to use reclaimed wood for manufacturing furniture, as it is unique and it is high in demand as well. The aged and condensed surface of the reclaimed wood is responsible for adding an antiquated as well as modern appeal to you house, and it features few of the salient characteristics, which is making it a cult-favorite across the globe:

  • Variations:

You will find a number of variations integrated to reclaimed wood. You will notice a remarkable variation of color gradients and grain on a reclaimed wooden piece. Can you imagine how versatile your furniture would look with such exotic looking wood material?

  • Aged appearance:

If you maximize your house décor on premium quality furniture then, it would look incomplete without having any reclaimed dining table in your living room. The aged appearance of the reclaimed wood makes it a suitable contender for manufacturing top-notch and sophisticated furniture, which you can add to your collection.

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Why should you consider investing in reclaimed wood furniture?

If you are not aware the hype associated with buying reclaimed furniture then, the following salient objectives can answer to your curiosity:

  • Trendy and contemporary

The scope of reclaimed wood furniture has proliferated over the years, and it has marked one of the most popularized trends in the furniture industry. The reclaimed wood furniture pieces are trendy and contemporary-looking, which makes them a top pick by most homeowners.

  • Eco-friendly

Buying reclaimed wood furniture is an excellent way to preserve the integrity of the ecological system. The manufacturers are inclined to use secondhand or used timber for the production of reclaimed furniture, which results in the reduction of trees and wood for manufacturing new furniture. If the timber is not recycled for manufacturing new furniture then, it would be burned down in a landfill, and it is never a good sign for the environment.

  • Durable and Strong in Nature

It is no wonder that reclaimed furniture is manufactured using secondhand timber, which attributes to its stronger and durable density and strength.

  • Suitable for contemporary furniture

If you are looking for unique and distinctive furniture then, you should certainly opt for reclaimed dining table. The furniture features an antiquated yet, modern looking nail holes and grain patterns, which adds characters and dimensions to your living room. You might also have a look after rustic kitchen shelf unit. 

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Top things to consider when purchasing reclaimed furniture:

The idea of buying reclaimed furniture for your house may sound intriguing but, you should be able to prioritize a couple of things before you put your money down. You should be able to take time to decide the type of finish and color for your furniture pieces. Let’s have a look at the top things to keep in mind when shopping for reclaimed furniture:

  • Selecting the right style:

If you are looking for a particular furniture style to add a contemporary look to your house then, it doesn’t get any better than buying reclaimed table for your living room. However, it is important for you to select a suitable style that would exude avant-gardism to your living room. You will find a range of classic as well as contemporary styles of reclaimed wood furniture but, nonetheless, you should take time before you settle down with your final pick.

  • Be specific about your house space

While a majority of the reclaimed wood furniture is more likely to be handcrafted—you should know that the furniture pieces do not come in regular sizes. If you find a reclaimed dining table or drawers at reasonable prices, you should never rush into buying the furniture unless you know that your house has the right amount of space to adjust the furniture pieces.

If you are not sure of your house measurements—you can hire a professional to measure your house for you, and you can keep the measurements saved in your smartphone, so you could compare the space sizes instantly when you find a reclaimed furniture piece.

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Measurements to take when caring for reclaimed wooden furniture:

While investing in reclaimed wooden furniture is an excellent way to save environment and money—you are required to take a couple of measurements when taking care of the furniture pieces manufactured using reclaimed wood. Such furniture pieces are indisputably vulnerable to heat and other climatic conditions; therefore, you should be able to recognize the factors which could be detrimental to your furniture and how to avoid the occurrence of such factors.

Sunlight and heat:

While purchasing furniture pieces that are made using reclaimed timber wood, you should make sure that the sunlight or heat doesn’t interact with your furniture. Excessive sunlight can be responsible for damaging the composition of such furniture, and it could be responsible for changing the color or texture of the wood.

Therefore, you should refrain from placing your furniture in front of a heater, windows, and even a radiator. Also, you should avoid placing hot cups and dishes on your furniture, as it could leave a mark on your furniture. Instead, you should place a mat or coaster on your furniture to avoid any sorts of burns or cracks.

Liquid Spillages:

The composition of reclaimed dining table makes it susceptible to unwarranted cracks and spots. Therefore, you should always place a mat or table cloth on your furniture to avoid any sorts of spillages. In case, you inadvertently spill a liquid beverage on your table, you should clean it instantly before it leaves any permanent stains or spots on the table.


When it comes to cleaning and maintaining your furniture made using reclaimed wood—you should take special precautions to make sure that the quality of your furniture is not compromised. You should dust the furniture with a soft cloth on a regular basis for its maintenance.

Also, you can also use beeswax polish for preserving the appearance of your reclaimed wood furniture. However, you should refrain from using silicone-based cleaning products, as it may not be favorable for your furniture.


  • Hi Liza,

    It depends – we are using proper commercial clear laquere on the top the table top which require no care at all. You might wipe it and it wont change colour or structure.

    Some companies using Wood Wax – which is in my opinion not a great idea. After a while colour are gone, you will get stains and you would need to use additional wood wax – which colour never going to be the same.


  • Do you have to apply any additonal wood wax or stain over the dining table top once build?

    I just know nothing about wood care and it might be complicated for me.

    Thanks in advance

    Liza B

  • Yes, please contact us via email or chat on the website
    bespoke “at”

    Happy to custom any size of the table

    Thanks Mark


  • Are you able to do for me a custom size of the dining table?
    Im after 220cm long and 120cm wide farmhouse table – and definitelly 70mm thick timber. Let me know

    Regards Mark
    London, UK

    Mark Sam

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