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How to Make Reclaimed Industrial Dining Table - Step by Step.

Posted by Pawel Kubica

A dining table is an important part of the renovation of your home. A dining table is a place where everyone sits to have lunch, dinner or brunch and enjoy quality family time together. It is a necessary part of a family home. However, thinking regarding renovation, a dining table doesn’t come cheap. It can cost hundreds of pounds for the table, and the chairs come at an extra cost. So, if you are looking for a fun way to immerse yourself into the renovation of your home, try making a DIY reclaimed industrial dining table with the help of reclaimed barn wood, and we assure you, you will never regret it. Besides, it is simple, and by following the below-given steps, you’ll be able to make yours in no time. These steps can be modified according to your requirements and availability of the reclaimed materials and tools.

reclaimed timber

Required things
Following are the required stuff for making the reclaimed dining table:
Reclaimed Wood
Steel Wool
Wood Screws
Table Legs
Sand Paper

Pliers (optional)
Gloves (optional)
Rip Saw or Hand Saw
Saw Horses

wood craftsman

Follow these instructions step-by-step to make your industrial dining table:
1- Bring the salvaged wood to your home
Have the reclaimed wood brought to your home in the size you want? Make sure your boards are long and wide enough to seat the number of people you want. In this case, the seating is for eight people so 3-12’ boards will work just fine. Using gloves while working with wood is a good way to save your hands from bruises and cuts.

2- Nail pulling
It is hard to find reclaimed wood which doesn’t have nails and screws holding the pieces together. Pull out all the nails, screws and staples and make sure you pull with the wood grain to prevent any damage to the wood.

3- Cut according to the length
Next, you have to cut the wood according to the length you want to maintain. It also depends upon the style of legs you want your table to have.

4- Line them straight
It is important that the reclaimed wood that you have is straight, if not you have to run them through the jointer and then the table saw to make them look straighter and square up.

5- Screw your table together
Screws are used to hold the wood pieces together. In this step, you have to screw the sides and edges of the table together. There is no hard and fast rule about how much screws you should use, for an 8 feet table, nine screws which makes 3 for each support are enough, but more can be added as well to have better security.

6- Metal Table Legs
Next, comes the step of table legs. You can either make your own, or order from Rusticland if you want to give your table a more refined and finished. There is an additional cost involved if you are situated outside of the zone where the IKEA store is, but it ships nationwide and you can enjoy the benefit of having luxuriously carved legs delivered to your doorstep without doing much. You can rest your table on those legs or use nails to tighten secure the table.

Welding process

welding table legs rustic

7- Sand, seal, and buff
Lastly, it is the time to use your sandpaper, orbital sander or steel wool. It will smooth all the burs and rough edges that the table might have. You can choose to wax, seal or leave the table looking natural, and it depends upon your personal preference.

Second life of your old timber - Rustic Dining Table Idea

  • You can get one from Rusticland – TAB011 is the great idea, quality and price is there. Best spot to get your new rustic dining table


  • Im after chunky dining table – proper solid top wood and stable metal frame. Could you please guide me where would be the best place to get it ?
    Im in Manchester, UK

    Ahmed Blure

  • You would need to find a local supplier – timber yard would be the best spot to have a look after.


  • Hi, from where about you are getting reclaimed wood?


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